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Cafe “Loft”

Moscow, Nikolskaya str. 25, "Nautilus" Shopping Center, 6th floor.

Cafe “Loft”

Sky Lounge

Leninsky Prospekt 32A, 22 floor, Building of the Academy of Sciences

Sky Lounge
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Welcome to Gurmanization, dear friends!

Colorful signs of Moscow's restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes tempt you to dive into a sea of numerous gastronomic specialties. All of these places offer customers delicious food and quality service, while each of them, flavored with a bit of zest, has its own identity. Yet still we may not know about them at all! Thanks to Gurmanization online tool you will discover dozens of stunning spick and span places where you can while away the time and eat a slap-up meal. More to it, using our web-site you can book tables on-line absolutely for free!

Gurmanization online tool will help you to find the right and affordable place to your liking!

1. Restaurants

Now it takes less than five minutes to find the right restaurant in Moscow and book a table there. Our catalogue features names and reviews on the most popular restaurants in Moscow, as well as information on menus and prices. Choose how you'd like to dine out tonight: Italian, Japanese, Russian, French, or any other way. Then pick out the nearest metro station where you wish to eat at, check with the prices, and specify the time when you're planning to be there. The more search options you include, the more accurate your results are going to be. By using our web-site you will manage to find addresses and phone numbers of Moscow's restaurants, get in touch with them any way more convenient for you, and clarify all details before going there. In case you can't book the table on-line, for some reason or other, call one of our specialists at 8 (495) 626-16-28. They will help you to choose the most suitable restaurant in Moscow and give you the right directions.

2. Cafes

Looking for a cafe, whether for a family meal or party with friends, becomes exciting now! On Gurmanization you will find the list of Moscow's cafes and clubs sorted out by proximity to metro and select the best-matching place. Moreover, our web-site's visitors can specify other search options like prices in Moscow's cafes, cuisine, working hours, free Wi-Fi, parking lots, and many more. Gurmanization online tool is aimed at making your dining experience better!

3. Bars and Pubs

Apart from cafes and restaurants, our web-site can also help you to choose a nice bar or pub. The list of Moscow's pubs and bars features detailed information about these places like contact information, menu reviews, and etc.

4. Clubs

If you don't really know where you're going to have your Birthday party, or maybe you just feel like going out tonight, it may be a good idea to go to one of Moscow's bar-clubs or club-restaurants where you can grab a nice bit to eat and have fun!

5. How can I choose a restaurant, bar, pub, or cafe using Gurmanization?

Many users at Gurmanization wonder about what restaurant they should choose to eat at tonight. That's where our unique search system comes in; you will be able to find out everything you wanted to know from a type of cuisine and what's on the menu tonight to availability of free Wi-Fi, parking lot, and patio or beer gardens. On top of that, feedback of our users will help you to make a right and precise choice. If you use it, next time you choose a restaurant you won't have a single doubt about deciding between two things.

6. How do I book a table?

The booking process just couldn't be easier and only consists of three steps:

  • Choosing the place 

After you specified all necessary search options and chose a nice restaurant or cafe from the list, just click on Book Table button. 

  • Checking out available tables

Indicate the date, time, and number of people you would like to book a table for (two, three, seven people, etc) in a certain place in Moscow. You can find out on-line whether this or that place has the table you want available. 

  • Contact info 

Fill in the fields with your contact info to book the table. You will receive a booking confirmation on your e-mail after your order is processed.

Find a place to your liking on Gurmanization

Choose a cafe, bar, pub, or restaurant where you are planning to go to tonight and book a table on-line on Gurmanization! Leave feedback about the places you've already been in, earn bonus points, and get discounts and gifts!

Have a nice day!

Best regards, Gurmanization team

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