Kamin Restaurant

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Kamin Restaurant

Where else can you try out fragrant lobio, famous dolma, juicy chargrilled meat or authentic khachapuri not travelling to Caucasus? You can find all of this and even more in Georgian cuisine restaurant Kamin, which is located at Polezhaevskaya metro station. Both fans of Georgian cuisine and people who just want to get to know it better would like a wide selection of traditional dishes served at Kamin. We take each phase of cooking very seriously and our prime concern is the quality of produce we use. That is why we have a private farm in Tula region where we grow fresh and natural foods. We think that not every restaurant can boast of such approach to cooking and serving food. We can help you to organize a wedding feast or banquet and have a fine dining experience. Each celebration at Kamin stands a good chance of becoming an unforgettable hit. We are sure that you will have a lot of good things to remember after visiting our place.

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+7 (495) 374 53 66
Moscow, Horoshevskoe road. , 60a
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