Kavkazskaya Plennica

Kavkazskaya Plennica

Restaurant “Kavkazskaya Plennica” is one of the most successful theme establishments of Moscow, it’s open from 1998 and since the moment of its inauguration it attracts by the hospitable cheerful atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

The restaurant has been based on the famous soviet comedy film “Caucasian Captive or New Shurik’s adventures” (Kavkazzskaya Plennitsa). Here you’ll definitely find a “sports girl, komsomol girl and just a very pretty girl”, and “soviet court – the most humane court in the world”, and even the “Rosenlef” fridge. Anyway, you’ll also have perfect service as nostalgic motives don’t affect it. And there’ll be chin-chins, wines and food cooked according to home recipes by Caucasian cooks.

Our guests can try shashlyk (BBQ), lulah kebab, artala, quail chakhokhbili, Georgian-style chicken, khachapuri, surmullet in cream, lobio, chikhirtma, sacivi, fried sausages and many other things. The dishes are made from ecologically fresh and natural products without any food supplements.

To those who want to try everything at a time we recommend “purmarili” which means “hospitality” in Georgian language and is something like a Georgian version of buffet. On weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 there’s a 30% discount on all menu and drinks.

You must come to the restaurant “Kavkazskaya Plennica” just to have an opportunity to say the classical words: “Life is good. And good life is even better!”

The restaurant was opened on October 25th in 1998.

Caucasus, Georgian, Home made
2000-3000 rubles
From 12:00 till 00:00
Banquet, Cup of tea, Date, Live Music, Romantic dinner, Tourists, Children, Groups
WI-FI, Summer terrace
Moscow, Prospekt Mira str. 36
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