Novikov Restaurant & Bar

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Novikov Restaurant & Bar

Successful business of the Novikov Restaurant & Bar has inspired the restaurateurs Arkadiy Novikov and Alexander Sorkin to open a similar project in Moscow. Quite a lucky location has been chosen for the new restaurant – it’s the first floor of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow. This is the case when good content is worth good shape. Pan-Asiatic cuisine presented by the chef Sae Yamaoko, specially invited from London, and clean lines of the discreet interior from the NB-Studio by Natalya Belongova now can be found in the main city street – Tverskaya. There is nothing in excess.


Original simplicity of the style

NB-Studio designers have offered a successful interior decision for meetings on various occasions. Black walls of the main hall offer a colorable contrast with red and grey armchairs, wooden tables and spectacular panoramic window of the size of the whole wall. Strict and precise style is attenuated by different accents: massive metallic chandeliers, live flowers, crystal vases, floor-mounted candleholders and huge roots of exotic relict trees. There is a Chinese door of the 15th century set in the wall of the open kitchen. On both sides of it there are 400-kilogramm-heavy statues standing like the guards of the place. The door and the “warriors” have been brought here directly from Asia. One can’t help paying attention to the half-circle bar-counter made from black marble. It’s separated from the kitchen by fruit-vegetable stalls and ice shop-windows with live langoustines, lobsters, prawns, royal crabs and other inhabitants of deep seas. Interactive element is also involved into the food serving: a dish for a customer who is sitting at the bar counter is served on a special wooden spade. The menu of the Moscow Novikov Restaurant & Bar is absolutely the same as in the London restaurant. And the bar-list of the city restaurant includes more than 15 kinds of sake only.


Apart from the main hall there is also the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Room. Abundant wood in the interior design, a fireplace, a big oval table – this is a good place for business negotiations and cigar admirers. All guests of this VIP-room can order one of the bottles of the legendary whisky “Johnnie Walker Blue Label” which are kept in a special bottle-case, and, coming here again, treat their friends and partners with this exceptional drink. The blend of “Johnnie Walker Blue Label” is made from 16 most rare and expensive sorts of whisky with up to 60 years of aging. Only one of every 10 thousand casks from the biggest stock in the world is selected for creating this masterpiece. There will also be a big collection of single-malt whisky and other elite alcoholic drinks available for any taste.


There is a covered summer lounge in Novikov Restaurant & Bar where you can get from the street or through the restaurant by convenient wooden ascents. Rattan furniture, couches, live green hedge – everything here is perfectly harmonized.                        

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From 12:00 till the last guest leaves
Credit Card, Wi-Fi
American Express, Diners club, Maestro, Mastercard, Union, Visa
+7 (495) 374 53 66
Moscow, Tverskaya str. 3
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