Ideal Gurmanization: Marina Astafyeva speaks about Chinese restaurant “China Club”

Every week we meet with different people and ask them about their favourite example of “gurmanization”: combination of a restaurant’s atmosphere and the quality of its cuisine.

Sometimes excellent cuisine and careful service compensate even a very uncomfortable location. Read in our today’s review about fantastic portions and delicious fish dishes cooked in the Chinese restaurant “China Club”.

«I became acquainted with “China Club” restaurant about four years ago thanks to my friend’s invitation. At that time I lived near Kuzminki metro station and used to visit this place quite often.

We came to “China Club” with a big company and we wanted to try everything. Soon the whole table was covered with food and drinks. All dishes are served on big plates, apparently, that’s why the tables in “China Club” are very large which allows “accommodating” the order for a big company.

We were enjoying delicious food and calm atmosphere for a long time that evening, so my friends and I remained satisfied with our choice.

Marina Astafyeva, certification specialist, “Legend of the Crimea”

In my opinion, the tastiest dishes here are fish dishes, for instance, “Carp in sweet-sour sauce” which I always order. I have tried several fish dishes here, but to my mind the carp is the most delicious.

I really like fish, but I don’t like bothering with small bones, and as the carp is served without bones, it’s the ideal option for me. In spite of the fact that fish looks as a whole, only its head is entire but the body consists of neat pieces with vegetables and pine-nuts under sweet-sour sauce. It’s rather a big dish, it’s even recommended for two or three guests.

Carp in sweet-sour sauce (800 g., 590 rub.)

A like noodles too, but it’s quite a caloric dish. Transparent noodles is a light and tasty appetizer, I like it.

Among drinks I usually order freshly-squeezed juice and cocktails, but I think that in a Chinese restaurant one should drink tea, all the more so as the choice of tea is very inviting. I like “milk oolong” and “oolong with ginseng”.

Speaking about desserts, I have tried “Strawberry in caramel” (280 rub, 250 g.). It’s rather hard to eat it because of the caramel which hardens after some time and makes it a very sweet dish.

There is a small hall in “China club”, but there are big tables and high couches where you can accommodate yourself very comfortably after a big and sound meal. The tables are located in a convenient way, it seems that you are separated from other guests and nobody disturbs you.

The interior of restaurant “China Club” in Kuzminki (Sormovsky Proezd, 5)

The atmosphere invites to long feasts and cordial meetings with dear friends. There is no loud music or smokers. Quick staff serves carefully, fast and politely. A carp in sweet-sour sauce was brought 15 minutes after the order was made (it’s the minimum time of this dish preparation), and the salad was brought almost straightly after the order was made.

I don’t like meat, so this part of the menu remains undiscovered for me. Nevertheless, there is a huge choice of dishes without meat.

Considering value-for-money ratio in “China Club”, I can say that the price could be higher as the dishes a really delicious. For example, when we ordered dishes and drinks for a company of 4-5 people, the total bill resulted around 2,5-3 thousand rubles.

I never leave this place disappointed. I’ve enjoyed everything that I tried here. What is more, there are fantastically large portions in “China Club” which should be considered when you order”.

Tatiana Bronnikova

Photos are taken from the official web-page of the restaurant