AntiSovetskaya Shashlychnaya

AntiSovetskaya Shashlychnaya

Restaurant “AntiSovetskaya Shashlychnaya” doesn’t have anything to do with a traditional shashlychnaya restaurant and doesn’t have anything against the soviet past. This is an atmospheric, slightly theatrical but uniquely stylized place with excellent service, great cuisine and well-educated guests.


This is the place where Mikhail Zhvanetsky gives his concerts, where such famous people as Lev Leschenko and Iosif Kabzone perform with pleasure. The place whose walls have the warmest comments written by Bella Ahmadulina, Ludmila Gurchenko, Eduar Khill, Valentin Gaft, Valery Zolotuhin, Arkady Arkanov and many others who had been creating the culture of socialistic epoch. And the name… today it’s just a wordplay, geographic opposition to the Hotel “Sovetskaya” located on the other side of the street. Cosy, chamber-type and filled with creative spirit restaurant is designed in the colors of soviet banners, decorated with stylized emblems, newspaper articles, theater curtains and stands with the advertisements of Visotsky and Oudzhava concerts.


Even the glasses here are made according to the sketches of Vera Mukhina, the author of famous “Worker and Kolhoz Woman” statue. And the small stage is decorated with the tape-recorder “Kometa” made in Mosfilm studio. When there are concerts all these things create the atmosphere of warmness and intimacy as if you see not a stage legend but a good old friend who invited you to have a cup of tea and decided to amuse you with his or her improvised performance. Add here professional light, excellent sound and possibility of hall transformation and you’ll realize why any kind of event here, be it a family celebration, a corporate party, a young band concert or an evening of a famous artist becomes unforgettable by sensations and irreproachable by the level of organization. The menu has the same style: harmonious combination of the past and present.


Alongside the culinary fantasies of the chef represented in vinegret salad with squids or steak-salad with ‘Teriyaki” sauce, there are also so-called “nostalgic” dishes: herring with potatoes, sprats in oil and onions and hot, frizzing pan with brisket, chicken, Cracow sausage and lard. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the bill which is always justified in such a famous place. Restaurant “AntiSovetskaya Shashlychnaya” is the place written in capital letters in the history of our culture.

From 12:00 to 00:00
Credit Card, Parking, WI-FI
Diners club, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa
+7 (495) 788 89 21
Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt str. 23
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