Restaurant “Olivetta”

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Restaurant “Olivetta”

Restaurant of Italian cuisine “Olivetta” is a conceptual project of “Restaurant syndicate” holding and Gavr Gordeev, the resident of Comedy Club. In the middle of September this Italian restaurant was opened in the center of Moscow in the place of the former Italian Osteria Olivetta at Pushkinskaya metro station.


Thanks to the Elena Turina designer’s talent the conventionally strict spacious hall of the ex-restaurant has gained an absolutely new, “fresh” and different face and stylish sense. The main idea of the new image incorporates the new approach to usual themes and things. The new “Olivetta” successfully combines irreproachable gastronomy, traditions of authentic Italian cuisine and fresh look at the unusual for city restaurants format of entertainment and family recreation – the “game” format.


If you search for a real Italian restaurant in Chehovskaya or Pushkinskaya district, we are happy to invite you to our place. The professional team of “game masters” directed by Gavr offer their guests the atmospheric menu which has plenty of new and long-forgotten board and computer games. Special managers don’t only teach or remind you the game rules but also keep you company in competing for victory.


The menu deserves special attention. Thanks to Dmitry Zotov, one of the best young chefs of Russia, the menu is divided in two main sections: Terra (land) and Mare (sea). The majority of dishes are presented in typical for Dmitry unusual servings and combinations, for instance, salmon carpaccio with smoked mozzarella cheese and pop-corn or goat cheese panna-cotta with caramel pop-corn.


The main character of the new Italian restaurant in Mayakovskaya, who is at the same time Kiril Gusev’s partner, is Gavr. He is not only a media face but a very important participant of the creative process of making the third restaurant’s component – “Atmosphere”. He’s responsible for the guests, musical mood and the very atmosphere which helps people gather in big companies and remember the once popular home-like get-togethers – “kvartirniki”. In Gavra’s restaurant the guests feel like at home.

From 12:00 till the last guest leaves
Parking, WI-FI, Summer terrace
+7 (495) 788 89 21
Moscow, M. Dmitrovka str. 20
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