Restaurant “White Rabbit”

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Restaurant “White Rabbit”

Where magic lives

If you can not only appreciate high gastronomy but also like contemplating beautiful panoramic views of Moscow, then you’ve chosen the right place. “White Rabbit” is a restaurant project of Boris Zarkov and Alexander Zaturinsky who have already created several successful and fashionable gastronomic establishments of luxury-class.

The young and ambitious chef Vladimir Mukhin is in charge of the restaurant’s cuisine. His gastronomical style is unique because he combines genuine traditions of Russian cuisine with super-modern culinary trends. The interior of the restaurant has been designed by Valery Lizunov, the winner of the Architectonic Prize. So there’s no need to doubt: the new project created by our famous team is an ideal combination of delicious author cuisine, stylish interior solutions and unbelievably attractive atmosphere – the place where you want to come back again and again.


From a bird’s-eye view

The restaurant is fairly proud of its panoramic views of Moscow over full circle – you yourself can choose the view which you’re going to contemplate all evening: golden domes of the Temple of Christ the Savior, massive building of Ministry of Exterior Affairs, Hotel “Ukraine”, New Arbat street, Sadovoe Ring-Road and Moscow-River embankment.


The world of gastronomic wonders

Such culinary masterpieces that are made here couldn’t even come to Alice’s dreams while she was travelling to the Wonderland. The chef Alexander Mukhin was sharpening his culinary mastery in the leading restaurants of the city, so you’d better prepare for a lot of amazing surprises. The restaurant “White Rabbit” offers genuine Russian recipes fulfilled in the original author performance. Excellent knowledge of all peculiarities of Russian cuisine and ultramodern technologies of product treatment make the gastronomic style of Mukhin recognizable in any dish that he creates, and the taste becomes unrivaled. Herein, Vladimir doesn’t strive to imitate modern tendencies, he’s always faithful to himself and his individual style.


In the epicenter of social life

Apart from splendid panoramic views, author cuisine of Vladimir Mukhin and other doubtless advantages we should mention one more: “White Rabbit” is one of the most popular social venues of Moscow. The biggest parties that are visited by the best Western and Russian stars are held exactly here. Among our permanent guests there are people from show business, night life admirers and a big amount of successful people who are able to appreciate the best quality in everything.     

From 12:00 to 06:00
Credit Card, Parking, WI-FI, Summer terrace
Maestro, Mastercard, Visa
+7 (495) 788 89 21
Moscow, Smolenskaya Square 3
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