Sky Lounge

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Sky Lounge

It's one of Moscow's oldest panoramic restaurants located on the top floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences near the Gagarin Monument. It's one of Moscow's most famous architectural landmarks, with its signature twin copper domes.

Another pride of our restaurant, in addition to haute cuisine, is a remarkable and perhaps the most beautiful view of Moscow from the bird's-eye view. You'll feel at an altitude of looking out the window or sitting on one of several cozy terraces.Organizing an event at the Sky Lounge restaurant is a great solution. We have several reasons why we can recommend it to you. First, our cozy atmosphere - several rooms with different types of tables, a separate private room with restricted access on the 23rd floor, and, finally, our terrace with wonderful views over the city. Secondly, our cuisine - a huge selection of dishes created with the highest level of craftsmanship for your enjoyment, a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and a really great wine list. Third, our service - without further ado, we can just call it perfect.Being at the very height can be comfortably installed in our private room, located on the 23rd floor. Mark your triumph in a small circle of the elected people you want to see, conduct business talks, corporate event, or simply arrange a memorable date for only you two. Enclosed space with restricted access, the best kind, and as always, impeccable service elegantly complement your event an unforgettable experience.

1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Thurs., Fri., Sat. - 1:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Parking, WI-FI
Mastercard, Visa
+7 (495) 788 89 21
Leninsky Prospekt 32A, 22 floor, Building of the Academy of Sciences
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