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Turandot Restaurant is like a living fairy tale. Behind the front of an ordinary house on Tverskoy Boulevard lies a magnificent palace, where everyday life disappears and time for courtly games, magic illusions, and elegant fantasy comes.The design reminds of the late Baroque with its playful characters of murals, thin fretwork, real fireplaces and fountains, chandeliers in the style of Louis XIV.

All these luxury attributes were created after old sketches and unique technologies. Authentic vintage design and courteous staff in historical costumes completely blur the line between illusion and reality.

The menu is various. Dim sum, rolls, sushi, sashimi, foie gras, duck pi-pa, Chilean sea bass with honey sauce - the cuisine will amuse the most sophisticated guest. Three chefs are responsible for European, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.We know how to welcome our  guests and how to arrange any event for them - a birthday party, a wedding, formal meeting, business negotiations or a children's party.

In Turandot Restaurant, as in the beloved fairy tale, almost everything is possible. We have honor to invite you to our Palace!

12 p.m. - 12 a.m.
Parking, WI-FI, Summer terrace
Mastercard, Visa
+7 (495) 788 89 21
26/5 Tverskoy boulevard
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